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GridCableMax is a user friendly program that determines cable ratings with total accuracy. Our software has been designed to calculate the current rating, temperature rise and cable losses of high voltage power cables under multiple scenarios and installation conditions in accordance with IEC standard 60287

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  • User friendly, step by step user interface ensures you get the most out of the software

  • Electrical condition specification which will allow for clear comparison between nominal current and the maximum current rating of the cables

  • Ability to specify different laying conditions for each group of cable

  • Fully compliant with IEC standard 60287

  • Detailed and comprehensive reports which are automatically printed to PDF


  • Multiple installation scenario such as laid in free air, buried in ducts or direct buried as well as in thermal backfill

  • Various sheath bonding arrangements, trefoil and flat formation, single point bonding, both ends and cross bonded

  • Specification of custom cables, single core and three core, from 16mm2 up to 2500mm2

  • Multiple cables per phase (grouped cables) with accurate calculation methods considering mutual thermal exchange


  • Determination of overall cable losses

  • Determination of accurate cable ampacity ratings based on installation scenarios

  • Determination of the cable rating for a duct bank with a maximum of 18 cables

  • Determination of the partial soil dry out around the cable and specification of critical temperatures

  • Calculation of the temperature rise in specific layers of the cable

These are some of the clients using our software

Cable Library

A brief walk-through of the Gridcablemax cable library which shows our extensive built in cable options based on industry standards and manufacturer datasheets

Project Walkthrough

A brief walk-through of a simple project built in Gridcablemax which shows our extensive installation options and the simplicity of use

Unequally loaded module

A brief walk-through of a simple unequally loaded cable scenario built in Gridcablemax which shows our extensive installation options and the simplicity of use

Cost per licence from €2,000 (Euro)

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